About Us


Born Again International Ministries (BAIM), was founded in 2001, under the sound doctrine and tenets of our Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Bridget Aikhionbare, Senior Pastor and founder of Born Again International Ministries, heard God speak to her heart to carry the gospel to the deprived, and to set the captives free. The Bibles teaches that “my people perish for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6. Her mission is to be a vessel through, which the nations come to the true knowledge of God. The gospel has to be preached to the uttermost part of the earth, that the knowledge of Christ and his saving grace might be revealed.


The passion to answer the call of God took root in the year 2000, and was a kind of restlessness which pointed her to an ultimate purpose. She has an aim to continue her master’s degree and a heart in the service of God. Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, Pastor Bridget, called her family together and revealed what the Holy Spirit planted in her heart. She asked the Holy Spirit to teach her and apply His Word in the ministry. The first service was in her living room, from whence the Ministry took root. The following Sunday few families and friends where invited, and the ministry grew in number that an ideal location at Washington Street in Dorchester, Massachusetts became the Church first abode.

Since founded, the church has experienced a steady growth, diverse signs and wonders and abundant grace from God. Testimonies of healing, marriage restorations and fruitfulness in all areas are common occurrences at BAIM.


Born again International Ministries solidly believes in church vitality hence it encourages faith growth, worship, sense of belonging, vision, empowering leadership, openness to innovations, acts of service, faith sharing and inclusion of those on the edges. The church has grown to become a wonder church where all the problems of life are met by the power of God giving birth to ground breaking testimonies.



> To propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ all the world – Mark 16:15
>  To reach out to mankind with a heart of compassion –Col3:12
 >  To Train, Raise and encourage Leaders to fulfill the great commission – 2Tim,2:2
 >  To build a house of prayer where all mankind can make use of God given gift and talents – 1 Peter4 :10
 >  To build a strong spiritual family where every one will experience God’s kind of Love.– 1peter 13:13
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